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Meat Eaters Should Have Been Listening To Vegetarians All Along

Next time you throw out a half-eaten pork chop, keep in mind that you’re wasting a lot more than a dead pig. Meat waste is worse for the environment than vegetable or grain waste because animal-based foods typically require more

Smoked Salmon Avocado Tartine

Avocado in the evening, avocado in the morning, avocado all day long! Avocados are one of our all-time favorite fruits. They’re delicious, incredibly versatile, super nutritious, packed with fiber, and have such a lovely green color that it’s no surprise

7-Eleven Delivers A Slurpee By Drone, Because We’re Living In The Future

On July 10, 7-Eleven air-lifted a package of doughnuts, candy, coffee, a hot chicken sandwich and Slurpees to a family in Reno, Nevada. We have to hand it to this family: They have excellent taste in snacks. 7-Eleven teamed up

Why Israeli Chef Einat Admony Says We’ve Been Eating Couscous All Wrong

  (Photo: Liz Clayman) Since she moved to New York, Tel Aviv-born Einat Admony — the chef-owner of Taïm, Balaboosta, and Bar Bolonat — has harbored a craving for real couscous. The kind of couscous few Americans have ever tasted.

App Wants To Send DNC’s 50,000 Attendees’ Leftovers To Those In Need

The City of Brotherly Love indeed. Philadelphia’s hunger-fighting organizations have teamed up to develop an app that makes donating leftover food from the Democratic National Convention to those in need a piece of cake. The app, called Food Connect, helps

Here’s Another Case For Switching To A Vegetarian Diet

When it comes to the food we eat, there’s practically no such thing as a “guilt-free” diet — practically any food, unless you grow it yourself without using excessive pesticides or water, comes with nutritional, environmental or ethical consequences. But

Southern Italian Food: Why You Need It In Your Kitchen Right Now

  The multitudinous benefits of the “Mediterranean Diet” are pretty much well-known and documented these days, and there is no better example of this healthy way of living than the cuisines of Southern Italy. From the seafood-stocked shores of Campania

How to Make Sweet Potato Toast

Have you seen the latest food trend taking over Instagram? I’m talking about sweet potato toast! Unlike avocado toast, you don’t simply slather mashed sweet potato on a slice of organic sprouted multigrain. The sweet potato IS the toast. Kinda

4 Delicious Dishes You Can Make With Veggie Burger Patties

  If you can manage to squeeze in one more topping among the broccoli, peppers, spinach and mushrooms on your vegetable-loaded pizza, let it be bits of veggie burger. Italian-spiced ones lend themselves especially well, since they often feature oregano,

The Secret to Spring Rolls at Home

  Spring rolls aren’t just for restaurants! We go to Num Pang to learn how to make them at home. Watch the video above or follow the recipe below! Shrimp Summer Rolls Serves 4 Making summer rolls is a group