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A Beginner's Guide to Jollof Rice, the Essential Dish of West Africa

jollof rice

For cooks from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, and beyond, jollof is more than just a rice dish—it's the thread that ties diverse peoples

What to Cook This Weekend: Filipino Comfort Food

Filipino Comfort Food

Video production assistant Jasmine P. Ting digs into a taste of home

Video production assistant Jasmine P. Ting digs

How 'American' Cocktail Bars Landed in Vienna

vienna bar

The Austrian capital's “American bars” are the best place in Europe to drink like a Yankee

The Austrian capital's "American

Clementine-Rum Liqueur

An easy homemade liqueur recipe fragrant with citrus and vanilla.

Easy, Perfect Roast Turkey and Gravy

This is the easiest and most satisfying roast turkey recipe you can make: juicy, flavorful, and more golden brown than other more complicated techniques.

11 Strange, Obscure Global Sodas You Have to Try

A soft drink world tour with soda expert John Nese, owner of Galco's Old World Grocery in LA

Soda expert John Nese,

Classic Spaghetti Puttanesca

Our best puttanesca pasta recipe, with salt-packed capers, whole anchovies, and plenty of coarsely chopped olives.

What to Cook This Weekend: A Pasta a Day

spaghetti carbonara

And maybe some meatballs, too

Italian cooking classics from our test kitchen director…

Alaskan Nursing Home Residents are Fighting for the Right to Eat Seal Blubber

seal blubber

The comfort food of their childhood gets taken away due to nutritional restrictions

Alaskan nursing home residents are fighting to

7 Amazing Turkish Street Foods to Stuff Your Face (Besides Kebabs)


Stuffed mussels, cheese bread, and spicy brain burritos? Yes please

If you think kebab is all there is to Turkish street