Potato Chopper French Fry Cutter Potato Dicer

Product Features

  • CREATE FRENCH FRIES AND POTATO WAFFLES - unlike typical Potato slicers and cutters, this product gives you a fast and convenient way to quickly make French fries and/or potato waffles.
  • EASY TO USE - no more using knives to chop potatoes the old way. No more spending time trying to make slices for chips or waffles. This Potato slicer provides you with an easy to use alternative.
  • INVOLVE YOUR KIDS - safe, usable and more so convenient, our Potato Slicer Cutter creates the buffer zone you need to let your kids help with your cooking. Make cooking great for everyone!
  • SAFE & SAFE - nothing screams SAFETY louder than this accessory. Designed for safe-use regardless of the scenario, this product gives you the safe zone you need to focus on your cooking.
  • SAVE TIME - the Potato Chipper and Slicer treats your time like the precious commodity that it is. Cut the time you spend slicing potatoes, cooking potato chips or French fries by over 50%.
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Product Description

Potato Chopper French Fry Cutter Potato Dicer Chopper Device Cooking Tool Best for French Fries & Apple


The Potato Slicer Cutter makes cooking a lot easier. Designed to easily make slices out of potatoes, this is the perfect kitchen accessory for people who love to make French fries and potato waffles. The easy-to-use, two part operation gets your potato chips in great, uniform shape and frees up a lot of time that you otherwise use to focus on other core activities in your cooking. Offering a different experience from what you’ll get with most typical potato chippers, the Potato Slicer and Cutter is a great way to bring convenience to your everyday kitchen time.

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