PriorityChef Potato Ricer With 3 Interchangeable Discs, Premium

Product Features

  • Save Time And Effort In Your Cooking - Stop wasting time using inappropriate tools to rice potatoes or any other root vegetable. 3 disc potato masher by Priority Chef is here and about to make your life in the kitchen much easier!
  • Featuring 3 Different Size Hole Disks, Ready To Mash Anything -It's not only potatoes. With the 3 different size hole disks you will never run out of options! Smash and rice anything, always with the most smooth outcome - even fellow professional chefs would envy this result! And if you're a mum it was never easier to create healthy dishes for your children - they will totally love it!
  • Dishwasher Safe 18/10 Stainless Steel And Ergonomic Design - We only used premium 18/10 Stainless Steel on this - It won't rust, it won't fall apart, it will accompany you for many years to come. Plus, we put some high quality non slip silicon at the points you hold it when using it making sure it won't slip away from you even if it's totally soaked
  • No More Lumps And Bumps - With Priority Chef's 3-disc ricer you can finally create perfectly mashed, smooth potatoes with minimal effort and absolutely no hassle. Get on with your meal prep and create superb meals easier than ever!
  • Comes With A 12 Month Money Back Warranty - We are so sure about the quality of this powerful kitchen tool that we provide a 12 month money back warranty - if you are not totally satisfy we'll grant you a full refund! But, honestly, you're not going to do so. Get it NOW!
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Product Description

PriorityChef Potato Ricer With 3 Interchangeable Discs, Premium 18/10 Stainless Steel For Maximum Durability, Dishwasher Safe

This Potato Ricer / Masher Is A Must For Every Contemporary Kitchen!

Are you a professional cook or you just love cooking at your home for you and your beloved ones?

Are you having a hard time ricing and mashing potatoes and not only, using inappropriate tools?

Save time and effort with this superb kitchen tool!

3-disc Potato Ricer By Priority Chef Is Here To Make Your Life Much Easier!

Featuring 3 discs of different hole sizes and ready to smash not only potatoes, but every root vegetable and give you the result you wanted! A must have tool for professional cooks and passionate amateurs!

If you are a mum who want to prepare baby meals and healthy vegetarian dishes for your kids, this is the absolute solution! Plus your children are about to totally love it ñ They will have never tasted such smoothly potatoes!

Crafted With Stainless Steel Only Will Make Sure It’s Always Up For The Job!

We only used top notch quality, stainless steel and non-slip silicone to build this great potato ricer- no plastic parts are used anywhere! Its durability will amaze you ñ you won’t bother replacing it. Ever again.

Elegant and ergonomic design ensures you get the maximum out of it.. and of course your cooking!

Comes With A 12 Month Money Back Warranty!

We are pretty sure about the quality of this little gem and we want to assure you about it – That’s why we give a 12 month money back warranty!

If you are not totally satisfied, we will refund you to the 100% in 12 months time! But we are also pretty sure none of this is going to happen.

Add To Cart Now And Acquire A Must Have Tool For Every Kitchen! Hurry Up, It Won’t Last Forever!

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